Kagami for Sales & Distribution

Manage a transparent sales and distribution cycle with focus on revenue generation

Best ERP for Sales and Distribution | Kagami-ERP Sales & Distribution

Higher Sales Performance

Gives your teams a personalised interface to organize and manage their leads and meet their revenue targets

Create Cross & Upsell Opportunities

Provides deep visibility into customer life-cycle so as to explore cross and upsell opportunities

Sales Planning

Create organization level sales plans and delegate vertical wise, geography wise and personnel wise sales and revenue targets. Have visibility into periodic progress and team performance.

Sales Planning - Sales and Distribution erp

Accurate Quotations

Create accurate quotes with competitive margins, by having real-time visibility into your production costs and also the costs of sub-contracting

Lead Management

Classify and manage all your sales prospects in various lead buckets based on their maturity in the sales funnel, and closeness to conversion

Lead Management - Sales and distribution ERP

Shipping & Invoicing

Execute all tasks related to outbound logistics and warehousing, create all kinds of pre and post shipment documentation, commercial invoices, bills of lading, etc., in one solution.

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