Project management

Kagami provide the Best project management solutions where you can Plan, delegate, track and deliver your projects on time, every time.

Project Management - Kagami



Business Plan & Human Resource and Payroll Implementation

Efficient Collaborataion

Efficient Collaboration

Create a positive team dynamic by bringing all relevant stakeholders onto one platform for efficient interaction and exchange of information

Multiple Initiatives

Control on Multiple Initiatives

Have visibility and exercise better control on multiples ongoing projects irrespective of their complexity and longevity

Visual Project Planning

Visual Project Planning

Plan projects to their micro detail, by phases, deliveries & tasks. Use which ever interface you are comfortable with, gantt, spreadsheet/kanban board.

Stake Holder Management

Stakeholder Management

Add all relevant stakeholders to projects, assign roles, task owners & have clear visibility of job status by vendors or Sub Contractors

Communication and Followup

Communication & Follow up

Effective automated communications & follow-ups to intended team members, setting up reminders & alerts on task level/phase level deadlines.

Tracking Insights

Tracking & Insights

Have deep visibility into all aspects of your ongoing projects. Schedule important events and milestones and track progress of all the projects.

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