Cloud ERP solutions for Retail businesses, that helps in Fast & Flexible operations, Eliminating the Downtime and Easy Price Management

fast and flexible

Fast & Flexible

With multiple integrations working in tandem, you need your order and billing systems to be able to operate on heavy-duty mode, with speed. Kagami has the capability to execute operations like bar code scanning, price/discount/offer calculations, payment gateway processing, in a heartbeat.

Easy Price Management

As a retailer selling multiple products and product groups, you would always be immersed in offering price discounts, loyalty discounts, offers, bundling, BOGOFs (buy one get one free) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Kagami allows you conduct an effective and air tight price and offer management of multiple products.

Comfortable Integrations

Easily integrate all kinds of hardware in use in your retail outlets and warehouses such as billing computers, scanning devices, bar-code readers, POS devices, digital payment gateways, etc. Also, integrate with partner inventory portals, warehouses, banking systems, etc.

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