Quality management

Kagami Quality Management System (QMS) provides the customer oriented quality management, which stays compliant with standards.



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Customer Oriented Quality Management

Gauge Stability, recurrence, and disposition of internal processes and deliver higher grade of quality to your customers and vendors

Stay complaint with standards

With this highly flexible QMS solution, ensure all your processes are in compliance with regulatory standards

Document Management

Organize all your documents in a secure centralized repository. Exercise better revision and version control to share the right information to your stakeholders.

Quality Planning & Training

Maintain documentation on the skills and qualifications of your workforce and plan appropriate training programs to improve their over all productivity and quality

Audit Management

Stay compliant and ready for all internal and external audits, by enforcing audit preparation activities for various departments and stakeholders. Update and maintain quality manuals and performance improvement plans

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation practice is key to comply with higher ISO quality standards. Have visibility into your risk related activities. Easily record and investigate incidents and make preventive plans for effective risk mitigation.

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