Kagami for Finance & Accounting

A nimble solution to plan, budget, report and analyse your finances better

Kagami is the Best ERP for Finance and Accounting where we provide A nimble solution to plan, budget, report and analyze your finances better

Intuitive Financial Planning

Allows granular financial planning, budgeting and forecasting at a team, department and organizational level

Deep Insights & Reporting

Derive deep and meaning full insights that help you keep your finances in control and forecast better

Integrated General Ledger

A fully integrated general ledger that maintains, measures and records the organizations receivables and expenses.

Integrated General Ledger - Finance and Accounting

Cash & Currency Management

With a multi-currency capability, collect cash account transactions from multiple systems and entities and maintain summaries of cash transactions in your base currency

Multilayered Tax Management

Configure multi-layered tax policies and reporting requirements all in one place. Stay in-tune with policy change and easily implement changes to stay compliant

Multilayered Tax Management - Finance and Accounting

Accounts Payables & Receivables

Easily manage customer and vendor accounts. Generate and share periodic accounts payable and receivable reports with relevant stakeholders, for further action. Automated sales commission and overdue charges calculation.

Discover the facets of Kagami Finance and Accounting