Inventory management

Kagami ERP is the Best ERP for Inventory Management where you have Real-time inventory and stock management at your finger tips

Inventory Management - Kagami

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Kagami for Inventory Management

Real-time inventory and stock management at your finger-tips



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Efficient Inventory Control

Maintain a balanced demand and supply by accurately forecasting fast paced and slow paced products.

Streamlined Stock Management

Do away with disarrayed spreadsheet based inventory tracking and streamline your stock management.

Inventory Dashboard

Holistic approach to business planning and operations to understand trends of the turnover ratios.

Order Management

Efficient order management system to track and manage purchase orders, back-orders and invoices from multiple online or offline channels

Warehouse Management

Connect all your geographically distant warehouses to one single system for recording location wise availability and trace-ability.

Quick & Easy Integrations

Integration of your inventory system with any kind of partner systems like ecommerce market places, logistics vendors, payment platforms, accounting and CRM tools, etc

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