Kagami for Plant Maintenance & Service

Increased Machine Operational Time- Extended Equipment Life- Maintenance Scheduler – Breakdown Management – Maintenance Dashboard

Kagami is the best ERP for Plant Maintenance & Service, we ensure customer specific maintenance plans & optimum accessibility and availability of your machinery

Increased Machine operational time

Customize periodic and planned maintenance of your machinery to guarantee higher up-time.

Extended Equipment Line - Plant Maintenance

Extended Equipment Life

Extend asset life with better preventive maintenance and documenting maintenance histories of your assets

Maintenance Scheduler

The maintenance scheduler helps you plan the inspection, lubrication, repair and overhaul of your machinery in tune with OEM recommendations or based on their break-down history

Maintenance Scheduler - Plant Maintenance

Breakdown Management

Digitize your breakdown management processes and efficiently create job cards to the procurement and maintenance teams (internal or external) to bring the machine back into production, much faster

Maintenance Inventory Control

Create periodic BOMs for maintenance spares & consumables based on the maintenance scheduler and also the history of consumption and breakdowns

Maintenance Dashboard

Have visibility into your overall scheduled maintenance and upcoming maintenance jobs. Get alerts for breakdowns and to create BOMs for procuring maintenance spares.

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