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Kagami is a start-up business co-founded by Sunil Motaparti and Krishna Gangapuri. Having found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Leading Innovators in ERP Software Solutions 2019 – India, we profiled the firm and caught up with CEO, Krishna Gangapuri who provided us with a glimpse into the successful innovative company.

Based out of Hyderabad, India and funded by BitKemy Ventures since 2016, Kagami has built a patent pending platform that provides the capability to build bespoke ERP solutions to SMEs across the globe.

As the name Kagami (in Japanese) suggests, the platform is built in WYSIWYG manner where the visual design simulates the business process, which in turn helps in hassle free creation of ERP solutions.

Kagami has two main products; the Studio (Platform) and ERP Suite. Going into further detail about these two products and their key qualities, Krishna begins by informing us of these solutions and the benefits of using not only the products but also working with the firm.

Firstly, the Kagami Studio is a software that enables businesses to create enterprise grade applications, that simulates a business process of any complexity.

As for Kagami ERP, this implements a unique scheme for every project, and therefore provides a bespoke process-based solution. As no coding skills are required to create applications using this

platform, the Business Analyst be- comes the single point of contact right from requirement gathering to solution development, support and enhancements.

“Ultimately, the focus is, and will be, primarily on the company process, rather than the best practice approach. Customers who are seeking process compliance to popular methodologies, Kagami provides services in process

re-engineering and out-of-the-box compliant solutions.”

Enabling the firm to deliver these services, is the innovative and experienced team which forms the backbone of Kagami. When discussing the internal culture, Krishna is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“Every employee at Kagami is given ownership, and with it comes immense responsibility and authority to make decisions, which eventually drive them in making the product better. It’s the ownership culture that drives the organization to its creative best.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Krishna signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lies in the pipeline for the successful firm, touching on Kagami’s ambition to further expand the business into new markets.

“2019 has been very progressive in the African markets, and we have plans to expand in UAE, SEA and France. Lastly, we have countless success stories in Manufacturing, Production and Automobile verticals, and so moving forward, we would love to empower many more such SME’s to achieve similar success.”


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