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An Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled – Quick Launch ERP Platform providing the best ERP Solutions.



Make a Difference with Kagami ERP

Quick Launch

Do away with expensive, long running ERP projects. Launch customized & integrated business solutions in just weeks.

Analysts Driven

Auto-code visual programming business analyst to understand your requirement and quick-launch your desired solution.


Less cost of customization with AI-powered programming engine which uses historical learning & best practices to automate the launch of apps.


Web based, fully integrated software. Easily customizable functions and reports. Lower cost of ownership and quick deployment.

Business Benefits

Increase ROI and productivity: Streamlines all your business processes and eliminates any duplication or unnecessary wastage of resources.

Integrated Modules

Any business large or small what matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Financial indicators make up this bottom line.

Comprehensive cloud based ERP Application.

fast foward thinking - Speed of innovation

Our Approach

Kagami is the Best ERP Solution provider which is a visual auto-code platform that needs just a few business analysts to define the processes, roles & transactions in your organization in the form of Work-flows

These work flows could be as small as a single job execution, however, as complex as the functioning of a department or even the entire organization.

Simultaneously, the software logic, transactional calculations and the user interface are auto generated in the back-end as a ‘mirror effect’. This makes the software solution a digital replica of your business processes.

It's been wonderful working with Kagami. They really serve the best erp solutions within the budget and without any extra costs. Their Product is really amazing and would love to take their services in the future too...
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