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Kagami Best ERP for Procurement ensure cost effectiveness by bringing your production and procurement much closer with.

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Cost Control

Plan budgets and exercise control on your cost centers. Allow your procurement practice to spend time and money on procuring good quality raw materials.

Supply Chain Management

Digitize your supply chain to bring in more quality, traceability, accountability. Achieve the just-in-time supply model of materials, for your production.

Qualitative Sourcing

Qualitative sourcing is the key for qualitative production and delivery. Create clearly defined RFQs and share them with your preferred set of vendors, to source off-the-shelf and specially designed materials easily.

Purchase Order Management

Streamline your process of studying, comparing quotes, internal approvals and raising purchase orders to the right vendors. Have purchase histories handy to understand the elements and conditions of your previous purchases

Vendor Relationship Management

Have a well documented vendor sign-up process. Classify your vendors into groups based on their performance, delivery quality, scale and geographical availability, etc., and maintain a strong supply chain relationship. Enter into rate and quantity contracts with suppliers

Inventory Control Sol

Connect all your geographically spread facilities and stores into a single platform. Keep track of your stock and manage procurement from a central location. Automate the purchase of frequently used materials

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