Kagami for Production Management

Digitize your operations to lead the Industry

Kagami ERP provide the Production Management System that helps in Rooting Processes to Product Digitize your operations to lead in the Industry 4.0 era

Accurate automatic planning and realistic production schedule

Ensure accurate automatic planning and maintain a realistic production schedule

Ensure Visibility and Control - Production Management

Ensure visibility & control

Having all your workstation schedules managed in one place allows automatic checking for available time-slots and does the scheduling for you.

Launch production of any magnitude

Be it discrete, process, repetitive, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order or job shop, you can design and launch the manufacturing production operations of any class or scale

Launch production of any magnitude - Production Management

Advanced planning & scheduling

Have your BOMs, stock and purchase terms managed in the same system, which allows you to accurately plan production before materials arrive

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