AI Powered Quick-Launch ERP Platform

Seamlessly Build And Launch Enterprise Software Business Applications, Tailored To Function The Way Your Organization Operates.


Kagami can build your required ERP platform without coding. Just drag-and-drop components and build no code/low code platform in no time.


Our business analysts can understand your requirement and quick-launch your desired solution with your inputs


Quick launch erp which can Iterate with flexible integrations. Integrate with multiple software’s and apps with a single go.

Kagami Singleness

Watch this video to know how Kagami’s AI powered auto-code ERP platform which is way ahead of traditional and monolithic ERP platforms in launching industry agnostic, complex functionality and business solutions quickly.

Low-Code and No-Code Platform for any Business!

With Kagami’s low code and no code development, anyone can easily build high-quality powerful erp platform at lower cost without coding.

Kagami’s AI enabled quick launch erp platform can help everyone build and use the erp services with ease. Our Vision is to help everyone build & launch powerful no code platform within short time. We believe in win-win situation so, we work hard for the growth of our clients. Our business analysts can understand your requirement and quick-launch your desired solution of any complex functionality.

Enhance your Business with Smart Solutions

Kagami is the Best ERP Software which can create custom software solutions that fit your business processes in a remarkably short time.

Kagami over come the traditional ERP solutions where they were not built for today’s dynamic business environment. They rely on a static and aging data model that was developed more than ten years ago. They are rigid, inflexible, and built with yesterday’s technology. Customers are forced to make large upfront investments for software, hardware, middleware, database and professional services, and then suffer through elongated implementations and complex, costly upgrades.

One Stop Solution for any Industry

Kagami ERP is suitable of any kind of Industry and serves the best to the following industries






Information Technology



Cement Industry

Enterprise Ready

(Our Mission is to provide the best platform)

Time to Say goodbye to the Traditional Development Process which is expensive and time consuming. Go with the Change ready monolithic quick launch ERP Platform- Kagami

Data Privacy

Keep your data secure and confidential by storing the data in encrypted form anywhere for better control

Quick Launch

Deploy to any cloud of your choice, or use our ready-made assets for on-premise deployment in quick time.

Access Control

Permissions -control based on specific roles, so you can manage the visibility & access to the data & modules.

Cross Channel

Build applications on top of your existing systems or data. Give your users a smooth experience.

Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk team is here to help you overcome and deal with any business difficulties. 


To keep your organisation running efficiently, adhere to security and regulatory compliances.

Kagami Introduction

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