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Modules + Your Propreitary Software & Tools

Human Capital Management

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Management
  • Attendance & Payroll Management
  • Attendance & Performance Management
  • Travel Management

Sales & Distribution

  • Presales
  • Contracts
  • Order Execution
  • Invoice
  • Customer Service

Finance & Controlling

  • General Ledger
  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • Taxation & Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets

Procurement Management

  • Requisition
  • Order Execution
  • Invoice
  • Returns
  • Evaluation

Inventory Management

  • Stock Count
  • Indents
  • Stock Receipts
  • Stock Issues
  • Stock Analysis

Quality Management

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Analysis
  • Calibration Inspection
  • Statistical Process Control

Plant Maintenance

  • Plant Equipment Maintenance
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Maintenance Orders

Project Management

  • Planning
  • Estimation
  • Budgeting
  • Execution
  • Report

Production Planning

  • Production Activity Control
  • Sales & Operation Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Material Requirment Planning
  • Product Costing

Turnkey Solutions

Kagami solution philosophy has always been, think - talk - act in the merit of the customer first.

Our team of process and technical experts work in a way, that the value is given back to you.

  1. We work fast and efficient to bring down the cost of ownership and empowring you to start taking advantage of the bespoke ERP.
  2. We use state of art technology, in order to deal with improvising business or process needs. Changes to your bespoke ERP is inexpensive and rapid
  3. We take the responsibility of the smooth onboarding, adoption and support.

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Kagami ERP is a BitKemy Ventures Company

Established in 1985, the conglomerate operates an expansive portfolio of companies in industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Cement, Auto-mobiles, Steel & Alloy Castings, Engineering design, Engineering Services, Railways, Banking, Power, Chemicals, ilm Studios, Financial Restructuring, Real Estate & Construction, Imports & Exports, Tile Manufacturing, Venture Capital, International Trading, Logistics and Information Technology, the group has presence in over 16 Countries across 4 continents.

Motaparti, as Founder and Director of Kagami India Pvt. Ltd., brings in overall direction and technological leadership to the group. He has extensive experience in startup development, technology management, business development and marketing. An entrepreneur himself, Sunil led product & business development efforts at his previous venture, KeyPoint Technologies. Before KeyPoint, he played various roles on the product side at Magma, Intel and IBM. Sunil holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon.

Krishna gangapuri is the CEO at Kagami India Pvt. Ltd. With 16+ years of experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Software Development in various domains such as Mobile, Telecom and Enterprise solutions, he finds major interest in Strategic Planning, Direction and Control of Product Development. He is experienced in leading the execution of overall technology strategy and maintaining technology partnerships. He also is an expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and has worked on all of the Mobile Operating Systems that exist today. Prior to Bitkemy he was the VP of Engineering & Research at KeyPoint technologies and was a Project Manager at Wipro before that. Krishna holds a MCA degree from Sikkim Manipal University and a Master’s degree in Technology from University of Allahabad.



A few of us are techies who love to code, some of us are designers, some of us convert requirements into product features and a few of us are functional experts. We would love to have you amongst us.


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