AI powered quick-launch ERP platform

Seamlessly build and launch enterprise software business applications, tailored to function the way

your organization operates.


What is Kagami?

Kagami is an AI powered, change-ready, quick-launch ERP platform, Best ERP Software which can create custom software solutions that fit your business processes in a remarkably short time.

Quick launch Platform

Do away with expensive, long running ERP projects. Kagami lets you launch your own customized and integrated business solutions that fit your needs, in just weeks.

Driven by Business Analysts

Kagami’s AI powered auto-code visual programming platform needs just a business analyst to understand your requirement and quick-launch your desired solution of any complex functionality.

Integrated Business Processes

With Kagami, building industry-agnostic software solutions becomes easy, without incurring a heavy cost of customization. Kagami’s AI-powered programming engine uses historical learning and best practices to automate the launch of apps.

Kagami Singleness

Watch this video to know how Kagami’s AI powered auto-code ERP platform is way ahead of traditional and monolithic ERP platforms in launching industry agnostic, complex functionality and business solutions quickly.



A fully integrated suite of Cloud ERP solutions for manufacturing businesses, that provide deep visibility & help you boost productivity and efficiency.


Keep your store operations in control, with retail solutions tailor-made for your business. Clearly define and streamline every process and transaction.


Keep your Automotive business change-ready and stay in tune with evolving markets, demands and customer interests of choice anytime.

Solutions by Function


Project Management - Kagami ERP Software

Project Management

Plan, delegate, track and deliver your projects on time, and every time. Know More

Production Management - Kagami ERP Software

Production Management

Rooting Processes to Product Digitize your operations to lead in the Industry 4.0 era. Know More 

Plant Maintenance - Kagami ERP Software

Plant Maintenance

Ensure maximum availability & productivity of machinery, with efficient MRO practices. Know More


Quality Management - Kagami ERP Software

Quality Management

A scalable solution that helps you maintain high level of quality. Know More

Procurement - Kagami ERP Software


Become cost effective by bringing production and procurement much closer. Know More

Inventory Management - Kagami ERP Software

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory and stock management at your finger-tips any time. Know More

Sales & Distribution

Manage a transparent sales and distribution cycle with focus on revenue generation. Know More

Finance & Accounting

A nimble solution to plan, budget, report and analyse your finances better. Know More

HRMS- Kagami ERP Software


Kagami will ensure your Seamless Workforce Management. Know More

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