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Offering Bespoke Solutions

Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has become increasingly competitive. To meet the increasing demand, the firms are expected to create, build and deliver superior quality products at a much faster rate and affordable price range so as to grab new customers while still retaining the old ones. The ecosystem around a company, regardless of its scale, is demanded to operate in complex scenarios and be swift in order to be successful. The complexity further deepens when a company operates in multiple markets. A company can thrive in such a hostile condition if they have the right technological platform that can empower them to adapt quickly to any operative demands. As a strategic partner, Kagami aims to bridge the gaps with its technological prowess, making ERP adoption friction less and obvious for any sized company at a low cost of ownership, quick turnaround value delivery, and providing a bespoke solution.

Set up in 2016, KAGAMI is a young firm, co-founded by Sunil Motaparti and Krishna Gangapuri and funded by BitKemy Ventures which has successfully implemented solutions in more than six major manufacturing companies across Cement and Automobile industries. The firm offers two flagship products the Studio (Platform) and ERP Suite. The Kagami Studio is software that enables businesses to create enterprise-grade applications that simulate a business process of any complexity. A patent-pending platform, Kagami Studio platform is built in a WYSIWYG manner where the visual design simulates the business process, which in turn helps in hassle-free creation of ERP solutions.

“Kagami ERP implements a unique scheme for every project and therefore, provides a bespoke process-based solution. Since no coding skills are required to create applications using this platform, the Business Analyst becomes the single point of contact right from requirement gathering to solution development, support and enhancements. Apart from having simple and intuitive interfaces, applications built with our platform come with features such as Advanced Reporting, Social Integration, IoT, and Natural Language Processing,” speaks Krishna Gangapuri, Co-Founder, Kagami India. For customers who are seeking process compliance to popular methodologies such as Lean, SixSigma, TQM, ISO and others, Kagami provides services in process re-engineering and out-of-the-box compliant solutions.

Head quartered in Hyderabad, Kagami is first in the industry to build a ‘No Code Platform’ capable of building an ERP. The firm takes great pride in bringing deep value to the ecosystem with aspects like -Cost Control which would Optimize the process for monetary, time and manpower costs; Automation which ensures Automation of processes that are Low or hold No Value; Value Realization where just like a start-up growth loops by Learn>Build>Measure, incremental product development is feasible with the platform, hence, minimal business disruption at the time of implementation; Simplicity which signifies Simple implementation methodology, mimic existing processes, and user-friendly interfaces; Adaptable which denotes Visual application development and that NO coding is required, making the entire process iterative and very close to what the customer would want, and Simple Pricing such as High margin on implementations, due to quick turn-around time. These offerings are not just a game-changer for Kagami but this is what is needed for SMEs to thrive.

Charting the Path Ahead

The current market landscape is focused on feature match game instead of being focused on solving customer problems, especially in SME segment. Hence, Kagami provides bespoke solutions with very quick turnaround time for SMEs. “There is a solution gap for Enterprise Mobility Space where we are actively working. IoT is also catching up very well. And, with AI and Blockchain disrupting the technology landscape, Kagami is also actively evaluating the meaningful cases that can benefit its customers and platform strengths. Apart from the technological disruption, we feel that the business dynamics across all verticals have become more dynamic, fluid, global and volatile. Hence, SMEs expect their ERP to be agile and cope with these business demands, which majority fail to do and we at Kagami are designed to perform for such demands,” says Krishna Gangapuri, Co-Founder, Kagami India.

The firm owes its success to its skilled team of professionals. Kagami believes that it takes a unique work culture and team dynamics to conceive a radically innovative solution that addresses a very complex problem, and the team at Kagami checks all the right boxes in this regard. The Technology Chief, Mr. Krishna Gangapuri, who spearheaded the idea to a scalable yet profitable enterprise, had brought in a lot of technological innovation in the Platform, which is now patent-pending and excellent business advantage.

With 2019 being a very progressive year in the African markets, in the years to come, Kagami plans to expand across UAE, SEA and France. “We were fortunate to have associated with the right customers who believed in us and gave us the opportunity to grow and we are very thankful for them. We have more than six major implementations and a handful of minor implementations. Our growth has been beyond our expectations, and we are fortunate to have come this far. We have success stories in Manufacturing, Production and Automobile verticals, and we would love to empower many more such SME’s in future,” concludes Krishna. 

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